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Let our candles and other products make your house smell like a home!

We Are More Than Just Candles!

We believe that fabulous home fragrance products don’t have to cost a fortune.  All of our products are tested for optimum scent and performance.  If we wouldn’t use it in our own homes, we don’t sell it!

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Meadowview Candle Company™ offers elegant 8 oz candle tins, wax melts, Sparkling Scent™ Air Fresheners, 4 oz room sprays, and 1 oz premium fragrance oils.  Our company began in 2006, started with a desire to create premium fragrance products at reasonable prices to combat the rising cost of famous maker brands.  All of our products are handmade and hand poured with an eye for detail and quality. We use only the highest quality materials for every product we sell. Each item has been thoroughly tested for optimal fragrance and performance.

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